As part of inception phase of WAI program, the baseline survey training of enumerators , held 20180115_100948 20180115_120047 20180117_100540 20180117_093722 20180118_152922 20180118_123520on from 15-18 January 2018 in hotel Rings Inn, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. The field practice on data collection through Akvo will be conducted within training period. The objectives of the training are to provide practical skills and knowledge to the enumerators/participants on:

–          Explanation of Akvo FLOW (only on the use of phones and how to submit data)

–          Explanation of random sampling within the selected villages

–          Introduction on data collection in general (how to approach people, what to say etc.)

–          Introduction of questionnaire (translation, understanding of questions) – including testing and adaptations.

The trainings on the household survey will be facilitated by experienced PME persons within the Alliance program. After training all enumerators will rush to the field for date collection from selected sample area.